Some of my favourites pieces so far of my work was these that i produced today. Using the work of Maxim Leurentop i altered the colours of my posters and also layered them on top of it. I also changed the opacity so that they blended together better and i think they turned out pretty well. I am now going to start thinking about my final piece, however I might wait and in the meantime do some annotations in my sketchbook. On Tuesday I am going to be attending another crit, which will hopefully give me some ideas of what to produce for my final piece.



I decided to continue experimenting with my posters, with overlaying and using my previous work to combine it with. These were my Mira Schendel inspired pieces layered on top of the light sensitive photo paper posters. I’m not sure that they really worked because it all seems a bit too dark and not of it really fits together, but it was good to experiment with and to put it out of my mind that it didn’t work out that great.


I also used the work of Mira Schendel to influence these pieces. I took the responses from my poster that i put up at college and repeatley wrote these out on photoshop. I then highlighted what the specific type of OCD was and arranged it in a scattered sort of way around the paragraph. I did this for each one and then tried layering them all together. Next I want to try and incorporate these pieces and my posters which i edited through using light sensitive photo paper. I really like the ways that these turned out and it also shows the personal side to OCD, rather than just generalising.


I decided to write out these responses from my poster. And then formed a shape around what the subject is. So for the checking of the locks, I drew a lock and wrote the words around it. I don’t think ill move forward with these because i don’t really see how i could add much more to them but they were fun to try and i think visually, they look really good.


After producing my posters, my tutor suggested experimenting further with them and i also agreed that i could do a lot more with them. After seeing one of my friends piece of work, she suggested using the dark room. Her work looked really cool and different to a lot of artists i had looked at, so i decided to go ahead and try it out. I did need help from a tutor as i had no idea what i was doing, but the process was relatively easy, just a bit time consuming. You print what you want onto a piece of acetate, then use light sensitive photo paper, placed underneath a light, which then transfers. You then put it into three different trays, to help develop and fix the pieces, which is really amazing to watch it come out onto the paper. After that, you just dry it off, it’s also helpful to do some test sheets as you may have to adjust the timer, as the longer it sees light, the darker it is.

I really like the pieces i produced and i also want to work them further. I might experiment with some other work, influence by other artists and then refer back to this and combine them together.



My favourite poster is number six. This is very similar to one of Alan Kitchings pieces, where it focuses on the word “TAXI” and then has similar number jumbled around it. I think this shows exactly how i feel suffering with intrusive thoughts, as i am constantly thinking about numbers. After having a meeting with my tutor Neil, we realised that the most prominent aspect of OCD is repetition. This isn’t to say it is for everyone, i understand that i want to focus on all types of OCD, however i could create a series of posters and i think that this would work really well.

Out of all of the posters this one feel the most true to me, and i think the combination of minimal black, with the jumbled red letters is a really good contrast, as there are such opposing colours. I stated in my project proposal that i would use my own thoughts and feelings in my work to help me to influence it effectively and i feel that this piece really reflects that. I have used my own understanding of how i feel to create a piece that is relevant and hopefully relatable to people that suffer with the condition.



My next poster became quite dark and looked into the depths of OCD and the true thoughts. Reading the words “I’m tired, it controls me.” I produced this in quite an abstract way so that anyone reading the poster would really have to focus on it. I placed the letters and words sometimes going vertical so that it was harder to make out, but i think this also represents OCD well but it isn’t always easy to understand and its not always so cut and dry. Once again, i would really like to try some more layering with this poster, as I think its a good representation of how you can feel, and if i was to layer peoples responses on top, maybe on acetate or through Adobe Photoshop, i could create a  really abstract, original piece.

I want to produce more posters like this, but due to time i think it would be best for me to move forward with the work that I’ve got and continue to experiment. I like what I’ve produced so far and i think i would be even happier if i just added to these pieces.



Next i wanted to try something different, rather than just looking at the word OCD, i decided to focus on what sort of thoughts and feelings can go through your head. I am currently waiting on my responses from my poster at college, so for now I have been using my own personal experiences. I definitely like this poster relates to my project proposal as I have looked at all of the four main types of OCD, rather than just generalising on one. I also experimented with using different sizes and fonts because it makes it look a bit more fluid and less structured.  Once again i could’ve used different colours, but this is something that could be easily changed on the computer.

This is one of my favourite posters and i would like to work further with it, as i think it could be use for combined with something else to create a final piece of work. I want to try overlaying the responses from my poster, but I want to keep it up for a little while longer just so that i can get a bit more feedback, so that i have more to work with. I could then try layering with acetate. Overall this should give me a final piece combined with my thoughts and feelings and also other peoples, giving a meaningful approach, rather than just opinions from the computer.



The first set of posters that i produced were mainly focused on the word OCD and how it can be adapted in its shape and layout to make it feel more “OCD.” Most people tend to think of OCD as a neat and “having something in a particular way” condition, however I also wanted to look at how it can make you feel. This is usually messy and out of control, not always meticulously set and neat in your ways. I wanted this piece to be messy and printed the letters repeatedly almost so you can’t make out what it says. I wanted this to be my main focus in this poster because OCD can make you feel like you don’t even know who you are anymore, so i wanted to represent this through the use of words in printing.

This time I also used different blocks to create different sized letters, to give it a bit more flexibility and not just structured to one font. Looking back i could’ve used different colours and experiment a bit more, but for time it was just easier to use the two colours which i felt were linked to OCD the best and then if i want to change the colours later on, i can do this in Adobe Photoshop. I feel that red shows the pain and anger that this condition can cause and black shows how dark and dull it can be, to constantly have it on your mind. I am trying my best to use my own experiences in my work to make sure that i can get a really personal account of what OCD feels like and I hope, as i stated in my project proposal, i can make people who do not suffer with the condition to understand more.

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