Luckily i created a backup to my initial idea, however today i was told that there was not enough room left on the walls for my work to go. I originally requested to have three walls and i illustrated the outcome that i wanted in my sketchbook but i knew that this might not work out, so i made a reserve idea just in case. This was obviously a problem because i had not originally planned for this, but in the end we decided that i would use the frames on the walls, which theoretically is probably better than the walls as i think the posters may have looked a bit lost.

The next problem was that i had originally planned to print four poster on A3 and then one poster on A1, but I was told the college can only print to a maximum of A2 size. I spoke to my tutor about it and she said it was probably best to print all of my posters on A2 as it will fit in the frames nicely and it also saves me going elsewhere to print my final pieces.

Even though i had a few problems to overcome, which originally i didn’t really have, it actually worked out for the best. I think maybe i hadn’t completely thought through the process of exhibiting and printing my final work, so my tutors definitely helped me to fix the problem and actually help me to create a better outcome.


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