For my final poster i referred back to the line drawings which were produced from my Photography shoot. I layered this on top of the photos and then decided to add OCD as a title. Looking at the work of Marcos Funner I then added numbers, providing a definition of each type of OCD next to it. I used the layering and colour saturation tool again to give the “fuzzy” effect, similar to the other posters.

I feel like this final piece definitely combined all types of OCD and the colours all blend in really well together. I wish i had more time because i would have liked to have experimented more with this poster, but due to the deadline being tomorrow it means i have to accept what I’ve done. I am happy with the final piece, i just feel like i could’ve produced more if i had more time.

Next I need to get together my exhibition. The mounting phase is what may take the longest and i also need to record this along the way. After that i just have to finish my to do list, which is mainly just lots of little bits that need finishing, such as annotation and my evaluation.

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 11.36.54



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