So after about a week I’ve finally finished my posters. I decided to use the work of Marcos Faunner to further contextualise my work. Using his work as an influence I’ve made the posters more “fuzzy” and adapted the colours to give them a distorted look. I knew from the start that i didn’t want my posters to just be neat because that tends to be the typical outlook on OCD, that everything has to be in a specific order and neat. However I made my previously neat posters and adjusted the colours and layout to make it look contracted yet messy enough that you have to really look at it hard to read.

I really like the outcome of these posters and I did have some obstacles to overcome on the way as sometimes the computer would keep freezing. In the end i decided to have a break, do some annotations in my sketchbook and then go back to it later on when it had calmed down a bit.

Next I am going to move on to my final poster and i want to create a similar outcome but something that combines all of these four. I don’t just want to shove all four of them together but i want this final poster to represent my entire work and maybe i will bring in some previous parts from my experimentation phase.


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