Using the work of David Carson i have started creating my final posters. At the moment i am just focusing on the four individual ones, which explore each type of OCD. I used my previous printed posters that i edited on the computer and combined these with text in Photoshop. As well as this i used the feedback from my posters and placed this onto the posters, as it creates a more personal approach that people can literally relate to.

Next I want to move on to looking at Marcos Faunner and see if i can contextualise some of his work, to influence mine. I would like a less formal and neat approach and maybe something more jagged. I will see where my experimentation takes me and after i have finished all of these posters I will move on to my final big poster, which in my mind so far, will be a combination of all four of these.

At the same time of making my posters, i am also planning my exhibition, which i am recording in my sketchbook. We are getting the walls ready so that they are presentable and we are also thinking about what we want our own exhibition to actually look like. Obviously i will have a play around first so that i can get the right feel for my pieces and to see what they actually look like when mounted onto the wall.


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