After producing my posters, my tutor suggested experimenting further with them and i also agreed that i could do a lot more with them. After seeing one of my friends piece of work, she suggested using the dark room. Her work looked really cool and different to a lot of artists i had looked at, so i decided to go ahead and try it out. I did need help from a tutor as i had no idea what i was doing, but the process was relatively easy, just a bit time consuming. You print what you want onto a piece of acetate, then use light sensitive photo paper, placed underneath a light, which then transfers. You then put it into three different trays, to help develop and fix the pieces, which is really amazing to watch it come out onto the paper. After that, you just dry it off, it’s also helpful to do some test sheets as you may have to adjust the timer, as the longer it sees light, the darker it is.

I really like the pieces i produced and i also want to work them further. I might experiment with some other work, influence by other artists and then refer back to this and combine them together.


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