My favourite poster is number six. This is very similar to one of Alan Kitchings pieces, where it focuses on the word “TAXI” and then has similar number jumbled around it. I think this shows exactly how i feel suffering with intrusive thoughts, as i am constantly thinking about numbers. After having a meeting with my tutor Neil, we realised that the most prominent aspect of OCD is¬†repetition. This isn’t to say it is for everyone, i understand that i want to focus on all types of OCD, however i could create a series of posters and i think that this would work really well.

Out of all of the posters this one feel the most true to me, and i think the combination of minimal black, with the jumbled red letters is a really good contrast, as there are such opposing colours. I stated in my project proposal that i would use my own thoughts and feelings in my work to help me to influence it effectively and i feel that this piece really reflects that. I have used my own understanding of how i feel to create a piece that is relevant and hopefully relatable to people that suffer with the condition.


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