My next poster became quite dark and looked into the depths of OCD and the true thoughts. Reading the words “I’m tired, it controls me.” I produced this in quite an abstract way so that anyone reading the poster would really have to focus on it. I placed the letters and words sometimes going vertical so that it was harder to make out, but i think this also represents OCD well but it isn’t always easy to understand and its not always so cut and dry. Once again, i would really like to try some more layering with this poster, as I think its a good representation of how you can feel, and if i was to layer peoples responses on top, maybe on acetate or through Adobe Photoshop, i could create a  really abstract, original piece.

I want to produce more posters like this, but due to time i think it would be best for me to move forward with the work that I’ve got and continue to experiment. I like what I’ve produced so far and i think i would be even happier if i just added to these pieces.


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