Next i wanted to try something different, rather than just looking at the word OCD, i decided to focus on what sort of thoughts and feelings can go through your head. I am currently waiting on my responses from my poster at college, so for now I have been using my own personal experiences. I definitely like this poster relates to my project proposal as I have looked at all of the four main types of OCD, rather than just generalising on one. I also experimented with using different sizes and fonts because it makes it look a bit more fluid and less structured.  Once again i could’ve used different colours, but this is something that could be easily changed on the computer.

This is one of my favourite posters and i would like to work further with it, as i think it could be use for combined with something else to create a final piece of work. I want to try overlaying the responses from my poster, but I want to keep it up for a little while longer just so that i can get a bit more feedback, so that i have more to work with. I could then try layering with acetate. Overall this should give me a final piece combined with my thoughts and feelings and also other peoples, giving a meaningful approach, rather than just opinions from the computer.


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