The first set of posters that i produced were mainly focused on the word OCD and how it can be adapted in its shape and layout to make it feel more “OCD.” Most people tend to think of OCD as a neat and “having something in a particular way” condition, however I also wanted to look at how it can make you feel. This is usually messy and out of control, not always meticulously set and neat in your ways. I wanted this piece to be messy and printed the letters repeatedly almost so you can’t make out what it says. I wanted this to be my main focus in this poster because OCD can make you feel like you don’t even know who you are anymore, so i wanted to represent this through the use of words in printing.

This time I also used different blocks to create different sized letters, to give it a bit more flexibility and not just structured to one font. Looking back i could’ve used different colours and experiment a bit more, but for time it was just easier to use the two colours which i felt were linked to OCD the best and then if i want to change the colours later on, i can do this in Adobe Photoshop. I feel that red shows the pain and anger that this condition can cause and black shows how dark and dull it can be, to constantly have it on your mind. I am trying my best to use my own experiences in my work to make sure that i can get a really personal account of what OCD feels like and I hope, as i stated in my project proposal, i can make people who do not suffer with the condition to understand more.


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