I created a pretty similar poster next, but i just added more words, as i wanted my work to actually fill the page to feel overcrowded and bustled, similar to how OCD can make you feel. Yet again i used the large letter blocks and then rolled different colours of paint on each to create  overlays and feature letters, to spell out the word diagonally as well as horizontally. In some ways i prefer this piece compared to my first poster because it feels more packed and busy which is what i want, as i want to give the feel of what OCD feels like, which is usually overwhelming. However in some ways i like the simplicity of my first poster because it shows that you don’t need to put a lot of imagery on one page to get the right effect.

Once again Alan Kitching was my influence, as were all of my posters. I just think that I can relate my work well to him and adapt my style to match his. I don’t know if i will move forward with this piece, however I want to look at all of my posters first to analyse and see what does and doesn’t work. Then I will experiment further with them and try overlaying, as this was included in the suggestions in my seminar and also in a meeting with my tutor. I think that this piece relates to my project proposal in the sense that it is focused on OCD, however i haven’t necessarily looked at all four types. This is something that i wanted to turn my attention towards because i don’t just want to focus on one particular type of OCD, however at the same time, i think my poster could be aimed towards all of the types. My second poster works in some areas but not in others, so i will see where it can take me and what i can do with it over the coming week or so.


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