My first poster that I printed. I used the work of Alan Kitching to influence my work as he used quite geometric, hard shapes to make creative work. I used large letter blocks and the outcome just sort of happened as i continued on. I used black paint primarily and then decided to “highlight” a letter on each line in red paint. I think by overlaying and using two different colours it really shows the contrast, and i really think that the overlapping style works well to be eye catching. There is quite a lot of white space on the poster, however I don’t think it looks empty, its simplistic yet makes a statement, which is exactly what i want my work to show. I could have improved this piece by making other ones in the same way but with different colours or maybe just one, to see what the range of outcomes could be.

Next I want to carry on with making other posters and I also want to try overlaying in my work by using numbers and letters to see what sort of effect this could give. Once I have collected my responses from my poster at college, I could also try placing these over the top of my work to make it more meaningful and personal. At the moment my work is quite general and not necessarily about me, however I want people to be able to relate and feel moved by my work. I want it to be unique and not just be a general poster that i produce in the end.

I definitely think that i will move forward with these posters that i have produced, or maybe add to them. They relate well to my project proposal as I am focusing on all types of OCD, not just generalising with one and I am also showing people what it feels like to have OCD. My posters feel powerful and i want to create a reaction in people so that they can gain a better understanding of the condition.




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