So, last week I started my final assignment. We were told to make a project proposal, deciding on a focus of our choice. I actually had come up with an idea a couple weeks earlier and i decided to look at “The Exploration of OCD.” I know a lot about the condition and i thought that it would be a really interesting and engaging project to feature, especially for people that may not understand the condition. I want to show people what it feels like to live with OCD. Through research, experimentation and creating a final piece, I will document my work by print, collage and  graphic design. I will be logging my daily OCD thoughts as well, as I feel that this will also give people a better understanding of the condition, if they can look at an actual diary of someone living with it. I will keep updating with how my project is going 🙂 Below i’ve added my project concept mindmap and my OCD mindmap as well.


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