Ben Rider Research.

So following on from my Pop Art images, I decided to carry on with the printing look, and I researched further and found a designer that I had previously discovered, Ben Rider. He creates really cool prints with lots of bursts of colour and they provide a really good basis for my own ideas.

Moving on, I decided to focus on memories and what people attach to certain objects. I interviewed my parents, my sister and I also used my own ideas. i printed pictures and words, to create a large canvas of mixed memories. I then followed this on by incorporating my cartoon/illustrated objects that I had previously made, and adding in the memories from my family. I used a different colour for each of my family members and then connected each individual with the same coloured piece of string, to create an array of colour and mixture. I found that this created a really interesting piece for me to carry on with, and I also showed how different objects can mean different things to people.



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