So I’ve finally mounted everything onto the wall! I am so ¬†happy with the outcome and i actually feel quite proud now its all set up. The posters have printed out so vibrant and i think you can see they are all clearly linked. All I’ve got left to do now is a few bits from my to do list, such as my evaluation and a few bits of annotation. But I feel a lot more relaxed now i know its all setup. I was quite nervous yesterday because nothing was printed and i also didn’t know where my area was going to be in the college. I feel like a huge weight has been taken off my shoulders and i am so happy with the final piece.



I used Marcos Faunner as my second influence for my final posters. I love the vibrancy of his work and how its quite messy. I knew from the start that i didn’t want my posters to just be neat like people sometimes assume OCD to be. When i saw his work, i knew instantly that i wanted to create something like it. The way it all flows together yet also looks messy, gives it a mesmerising feel as you have to really look at the work to understand it. I think his work really positively influenced my outcome and I’m glad i used him as my final artist.


Originally at the start of my project i came across David Carson and i decided to save him for the end as i wanted to use his work to influence my final outcome. I love the sturdiness and how everything flows into one. His work is quite similar to Marcos Faunner however he does not use as much distortion.

I think his work is the epitome of Graphic Design and i instantly wanted to create something similar to his. By combining two artists together i was able to create a beautiful set of posters influenced by two of my favourite Graphic Designers.


Luckily i created a backup to my initial idea, however today i was told that there was not enough room left on the walls for my work to go. I originally requested to have three walls and i illustrated the outcome that i wanted in my sketchbook but i knew that this might not work out, so i made a reserve idea just in case. This was obviously a problem because i had not originally planned for this, but in the end we decided that i would use the frames on the walls, which theoretically is probably better than the walls as i think the posters may have looked a bit lost.

The next problem was that i had originally planned to print four poster on A3 and then one poster on A1, but I was told the college can only print to a maximum of A2 size. I spoke to my tutor about it and she said it was probably best to print all of my posters on A2 as it will fit in the frames nicely and it also saves me going elsewhere to print my final pieces.

Even though i had a few problems to overcome, which originally i didn’t really have, it actually worked out for the best. I think maybe i hadn’t completely thought through the process of exhibiting and printing my final work, so my tutors definitely helped me to fix the problem and actually help me to create a better outcome.


Today we started the preparation for the exhibition. It is quite tricky at the moment to balance the prep and also my work which i need to get back to. We started off by painting and depending on the wall, some needed more coats than others. This took about four days to do all of the walls in the building, which was tiring but worth it! We then had to clean up, so finishing off the edges of the walls, cleaning the floor by sweeping and mopping which was actually the easiest bit.

Next I need to go round the building and have a look at where i could place my work. I have a few ideas of how i could exhibit my work however i need to consider what other people need and it all just depends on what it left really. I don’t mind where i go, just as long as my poster can all be grouped together.



For my final poster i referred back to the line drawings which were produced from my Photography shoot. I layered this on top of the photos and then decided to add OCD as a title. Looking at the work of Marcos Funner I then added numbers, providing a definition of each type of OCD next to it. I used the layering and colour saturation tool again to give the “fuzzy” effect, similar to the other posters.

I feel like this final piece definitely combined all types of OCD and the colours all blend in really well together. I wish i had more time because i would have liked to have experimented more with this poster, but due to the deadline being tomorrow it means i have to accept what I’ve done. I am happy with the final piece, i just feel like i could’ve produced more if i had more time.

Next I need to get together my exhibition. The mounting phase is what may take the longest and i also need to record this along the way. After that i just have to finish my to do list, which is mainly just lots of little bits that need finishing, such as annotation and my evaluation.

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 11.36.54



So after about a week I’ve finally finished my posters. I decided to use the work of Marcos Faunner to further contextualise my work. Using his work as an influence I’ve made the posters more “fuzzy” and adapted the colours to give them a distorted look. I knew from the start that i didn’t want my posters to just be neat because that tends to be the typical outlook on OCD, that everything has to be in a specific order and neat. However I made my previously neat posters and adjusted the colours and layout to make it look contracted yet messy enough that you have to really look at it hard to read.

I really like the outcome of these posters and I did have some obstacles to overcome on the way as sometimes the computer would keep freezing. In the end i decided to have a break, do some annotations in my sketchbook and then go back to it later on when it had calmed down a bit.

Next I am going to move on to my final poster and i want to create a similar outcome but something that combines all of these four. I don’t just want to shove all four of them together but i want this final poster to represent my entire work and maybe i will bring in some previous parts from my experimentation phase.


Using the work of David Carson i have started creating my final posters. At the moment i am just focusing on the four individual ones, which explore each type of OCD. I used my previous printed posters that i edited on the computer and combined these with text in Photoshop. As well as this i used the feedback from my posters and placed this onto the posters, as it creates a more personal approach that people can literally relate to.

Next I want to move on to looking at Marcos Faunner and see if i can contextualise some of his work, to influence mine. I would like a less formal and neat approach and maybe something more jagged. I will see where my experimentation takes me and after i have finished all of these posters I will move on to my final big poster, which in my mind so far, will be a combination of all four of these.

At the same time of making my posters, i am also planning my exhibition, which i am recording in my sketchbook. We are getting the walls ready so that they are presentable and we are also thinking about what we want our own exhibition to actually look like. Obviously i will have a play around first so that i can get the right feel for my pieces and to see what they actually look like when mounted onto the wall.


I did some research into graphic design exhibitions and installations to give me some ideas of what to do for mine. I don’t want my piece to look like there’s too much going on and from looking at other artists it seems to be simplicity and freshness is the key element in their exhibitions. 

I’ve planned mine to have a left, back and right wall to almost enclose a series of posters. I was originally going to have a TV of a voice or maybe my videos repeatedly playing but I think I want my posters to be the main focus. If I add anything more it may seem over the top and a bit overwhelming as to what to look at.

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